Road Trip! 22 June - 26 June 2010 PART VI

26 June 2010 (Saturday)

We got up early and proceeded to put our bags at one of the lockers in Seomyeon Station. Unfortunately as we took a bus from Nampo-Dong to Taejoongdae, it began to rain. And by the time we were at the starting point for the Taejoondae tour, it was raining cats and dogs. So we ended up paying 10,000 KRW for a boat tour which was MAD rocky. But I guess it was alright. At least we got to see Taejoongdae. And how often do you get to sit on a boat on such a stormy day and live to tell the tale, right? Right.

See how drenched the boat was!

Where we were supposed to be.

Very misty day.

We went to a restaurant and I made PS have Budaechiggae with me shortly after. We had unlimited sides. But unfortunately, the sides weren't very nice. And the tasted different from my lovely Nolbu.

Clearly disappointed by our Busan leg, we decided to cut short our journey and we got on a bus back to Seoul at about 3PM. We arrived in Seoul at about 7 plus PM and cabbed back home, and rushed out to meet Maria and Grace at Ttukseom Resort for S. Korea's match against Uruguay. It was also the last time we would see Grace before she went for her China trip. I blogged about that HERE~

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