SNU Buddy Farewell Party: 4 June 2010

Singapore & HK girls!

I cannot believe how time flies. It felt just like yesterday that we had the International Opening Party (IOP) and now, it’s the Farewell Party. Much has changed since then and I’m definitely sad to be leaving this place in one month’s time. I don’t really get how time passed so quickly, but I guess it’s true when they say time passes when you’re having fun.

Similar to my IOP, I went shopping a day before for a new dress. I got the LeSac dress in black from American Apparel in Myeong Dong for this. Been wanting to get it for the LONGEST time. I spent 45,000 KRW on it. Would say it’s pretty justified considering that the dress can be worn in multiple ways. Wishing I got the one in Cream too. But I am not rich, so one dress will suffice.

We ate this weird Jap Chae in a bread thing from one of the carts along the street. Tasted too floury for my liking.

The Farewell party was odd in the sense that us Singaporeans sat together cos’ we all came at the same time. I didn’t sit with my group members because it was all Koreans (Some native and some from Canada/NZ.) and…to be honest, I do feel pretty out of place sometimes, despite knowing Korean.

We ate lots, drank lots. I chugged down beer at Goran’s insistence, but kinda died because he’s Swedish and he can drink. I’m Asian, Singaporean to be exact, and I drink less than 5 times a year back home.

This is Sebastian. He’s super tall, and speaks really good unaccented English for a German. He said he’ll visit Singapore early next year, can’t wait to show him everything I’ve been saying about Singapore. Not to mention, he speaks Hindi from living in India for a while. Pretty amazing.

With that, our party ended and we parted ways. I tried to persuade some of them into going with me to Hongdae or Gangnam, but yeah, I was half-kidding because I knew we all had papers to study for.

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