TVN Newton Recording: 21 June 2010

Do you see me? (Hint: Next to Mia, my friend who is tall and has blond hair.)

Having been addicted to Infinite from the day before, I somehow find out that Infinite had a show due the next day, and that I had tickets to the show! The name of the show is called TVN Newton. It was a new music programme that films on Mondays at the same building where Mnet Music Countdown is filmed.

They gave us pompoms for Transfixion.

I had tickets because I applied for them on the TVN Newton website the week before, not really knowing that Infinite would be on or not. I just wanted to go check it out because a friend had been to the SS501 recording a week before and I was curious. From that episode, we got to see Infinite, Transfixion, Davichi, T-Max and Hwayobi.



The Infinite boys did a cover of Sean Brown's With You and then they performed in their blue suits. When we thought that was all, they went behind and changed into these grey outfits you see below. They were recording for the following week's episode too. We were basically in the studio from about 6plus till 10plus. It took REALLY long. 

Maknae waving to us!

We had to stand the whole time. But it was quite refreshing to see the program being filmed live in front of our eyes. Like we had to move around quite a bit because there were three stages and we also had to help out in the filming by holding those red pompoms. And plus I got to see myself on Korean TV! I doubt I'll go back though. After the live show ends, they spend lots of time tearing things down to pre-record performances for the subsequent weeks. 

Needless to say, we got back real late. Plus we even made a short trip to Hapjeong to Star Empire Entertainment because it was nearby and my friend Mia is really familiar with the directions there. I'll definitely go back another day with Mia again!