MCountdown Recording,Star Empire Visit & NUS friends Meet-up: 1 July 2010

It was my first time going to an MCountdown Recording even though it was at the same building as TVN Newton where I went the week before. As usual, we were not allowed to take photos during the recordings so we didn't even bother to try. Basically for MCountdown, you have to go really early and be the first hundred or so there and they will put your names on a list. For us, however, we were just there for Infinite's pre-recorded stage, so we reached about 11-ish, put our names with the fan staff and came back at a later timing for the pre-recording, around 2plus.

We got to see Minhyuk from CN Blue (who was one of the hosts at that time) walking around the building. No one really screamed for him, he was just walking up and down the stairs. We also saw Taeyang walking out after he pre-recorded his comeback stage for the following week. He is a lot shorter than I expected!

The studio they used for MCountdown is the exact studio they used for TVN Newton. It is incredibly small and fans only have three rows of tiered seats to sit on. Unlike Inkigayo, the seats are very far from the stage and it is very dark in the studio so basically the fans are very isolated from the artistes.

The pre-recording ended about 4 or 5 plus and since we couldn't stay for the live show and I had a lot of time to kill till dinner, Maria and I went to the Star Empire building in Hapjeong where she made me give my Chicken Rice mix (which I wanted to pass to my friends) to the ZE:A boys, along with some Redoxen and instant noodles. We doodled a letter for them and left Kevin a message on both the building and on the paper bag.

That is me, pointing to the pathetic plaster which we used as an adhesive because we had no tape. (The plaster was clean!)

So we were lingering outside the building and there were a couple of Korean fan girls. The manager got quite pissed of with their questions so he told them they would be back quite late, when we asked him, however, he was really nice to us and told us in about 1-2 hours. So we waited around and the boys did eventually come within a short while. They filed out of the van one by one, a couple of members were missing, I couldn't remember who. But Taehun very kindly took our bag and bowed to us! What a sweetie!

With our mission done and Maria being able to see her ZE:A boys, we made our way to Hongdae where I was supposed to meet my friends from NUS, one of them is attending summer school at KU and the rest were Koreans who had been at NUS the previous semester. 

This is Jiahui, the one who's at KU for summer school.

This is Mike from KU. He was at NUS for two semesters so he had just returned from Singapore.

Trying out his new camera.

Apple Soju and Peach Soju! Can't really tell the difference.

Onion fried chicken? 파닭! 

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