Sukira Recording with Infinite: 2 July 2010

By now, Maria and I are fully-converted fans of Infinite. And after the not very satisfying encounter with them at Mcountdown the day before, we decided that we should probably try to see them one last time before I left Korea for good. And guess what, the very evening before I left, they had a recording at Super Junior's Kiss the Radio at KBS. (Which I found out by reading notices on their Daum Cafe earlier in the week.) So I rushed through the barbecued meat dinner, took pictures and flew down to Yeoido to meet up with Maria. It was a really rainy day and I was just dressed in a shirt and shorts, it was SO cold!

This will probably be my last Infinite fan account in a long time. So allow me to be as detailed and draggy as I possibly can. This is by far the best experience for me yet. If you're not a fan, you...might want to skip this!
We didn't think there would be a lot of Infinite fans (judging from the usual live recording crowd we were used to) so we decided to go about 9.30 PM. BAD MOVE. There were tonnes of fans. I gathered that most of them were Super Junior fans staying back after Music Bank to see Hyuk and Teuk.

The boys come in and talk, laugh, sing. 

They sang Come Back Again. I covered my video clip with their actual audio cos' some fan girls decided to sing along...and they were really loud and not very good singers. Lol. Hoya and Leader sang You Got It Bad. Which was a little on the Engrish side, but still good, nonetheless. And the boys danced to Orange Caramel's Magic Girl. 

View was pretty bad throughout. I had to tiptoe and raise my camera high just to get good shots. But it got better towards the end when the boys were taking photos and leaving. Mia and I actually managed to be right infront of the glass! So I decided, time to start doing actions and stuff to to boys. Hehehe. 

I didn't actually realise the boys were looking out at us until Maknae did his gorgeous/pretty wave to us. That started an entire slew of events. Leader saw us and did his eye smile and wave. And that got Sungyeol's attention and he nods to us. How polite. And that's when I knew he was looking in our direction. Perfect. When we get a clear shot of him, I try to get him to call Hoya cos' Hoya hasn't been doing ANY fan service since they came out. So I'm mouthing "HOYA" and pointing to Hoya. Sungyeol catches it fast and prods Hoya and so Hoya sees us and waves to us.

Later on, I want to tell Sungyeol that his glasses are cute. So I did the glasses sign with my fingers. Like curling my fingers into an "O". And then pointing at him. (This is extremely hard to do especially since I am still holding my camera on my other hand.) And then I did the thumbs up sign while saying "귀여워요!" which means cute in Korean. He doesn't get it! And proceeds to remove his glasses, thinking we're asking him to remove it for photos. And I'm like doing the glasses sign again, and thumbs up. Boy still doesn't get it. Sigh. (I manage to tell him a little later though. Continue reading.)

Just before he leaves, Sungyeol looks over at us and bows another time. Maknae does too. And returns Mia's hand heart. Mia should love me forever for managing to catch his hand heart on my camera, haha. He waves to us a final time. And this is when I'm sure we've become his favourite Noonas for the day. What a doll.

When the boys come out, I was pretty surprised they came from the front. Because usually for big acts (like when I went for Donghae), they exit via the basement. But they did come out through the front and we all walked towards them. It was very civil. 

I go for Hoya straight away. And this Korean Hoya hardcore fangirl who knows I'm a Hoya fan, is standing beside him and she's talking to him. I go "Hoya" and he doesn't respond. So I'm like "Hoya!" and I touch him on his arm. He turns and I'm like "I'm a foreign fan. And I'm going back tomorrow." and he says "진짜요?" which means "Really?" and the Korean fangirl chirps in "Yeah, she's leaving tomorrow". So he continues to look at me, and I'm like "Yes, work hard from now!", he smirks and nods and probably didn't get what I was saying because I did mangle up my Korean quite a bit. But I'm happy anyway. It was a good closure.

So I leave Hoya with his hardcore fans and look for Sungyeol cos' I wanted to tell him he looks fine in the glasses. I walk up to him and I'm like "Sungyeol! 안경!" and he is completely NOT paying attention! So I walk around a little more and try to find Mia. But I don't see her. So I walk back to Sungyeol and said "Sungyeol! 안경! 귀여워요! 괜찮아요!" which I hope meant "Glasses! Cute! It's alright!". He nods, but still looks distracted and hurries into the car.

While I'm looking at the car, Dongwoo does some ghetto hand movements to the fans outside. Leader looks out and says bye, so I wave to him a final time. 

And that was it.

I'm glad that I got to tell Hoya he has foreign fans (me at least) and that I was leaving. It felt like closure to me. And Hoya really isn't that popular among international or foreign fans, I noticed, so I just wanted him to know he does have fans. And I told the Korean Hoya hardcore fangirl to take good care of him and to take many good photos and she said she will and to see me next year.

Till then I'm really hoping the boys come to Singapore! I will be the first in line!

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