Nifty Tools: Daum Maps

(For a bigger version, click HERE.)

Daum Maps 지도 or is probably my BEST find ever prior to my arrival in Korea. It works exactly the same way as Google Maps would, except, in a Korea setting. It gives you a relatively updated view of the streets of Korea. (Some graphics are from 2009, some are from 2010)

It helped me to assess the neighbourhood around my living area before I arrived. (I needed to do so, my parents wanted to be convinced that I would be living near the main road. Oh...kay.) 

In the screen shot, I searched for '서울대입구' which is Seoul National University Subway Station. It's the one nearest to my place. There's the Paris Baguette that I always buy my Red Bean Cream bun from! And you see the little white rounded box? That's indicating where the entrance to the subway is.

In the words of my friend who introduced me to this site, "You'll never get lost now!". Which was mostly true for me. Just type in the address of places you want to check out and look for the nearest subway stations and print screen the map. (I usually print a physical copy or save it as a photo to my iTouch.) 

It even works for the smaller towns in Korea and for Jeju! I managed to find the motel we stayed in Jeju through Daum Maps cos' I wanted to see how far it was from the airport.