Sokcho - Land of Autumn in My Heart & Mt. Seorak: 14-15 May 2010 PART II

Our plans for the day were: 1) Catch sunrise at Sunrise Pavillion. 2) Climb Mt. Seorak. Unfortunately, I don't know why, but we couldn't catch the sun. Too many clouds I suppose.

What we got after a long while.

So we walked to the nearby fishing boats and we came to this little wet market.

Looks like a scene out of L4D, doesn't it? The roads at 5 plus in the morning. Yes, it's THAT BRIGHT.

Gumi greeting us when we got back to the guest house.

We went back, slept, had the nicest breakfast and then packed our bags and we were off to Mt. Seorak. We brought along smaller bags and left our backpacks at the hostel. We had to take a bus to get to Mt. Seorak and pay a small fee to enter the Mt. Seorak National Park.

Soft Tofu Stew. This was slightly different from the versions in Seoul because it doesn't have red pepper powder and because it's apparently made from fresh water from the mountains...I think. It was nice, but a little too bland for my liking.

Tonnes of people because it was a weekend.

We decided to take a cable car up to the place because we had heard horror stories from our friends about climbing up. It cost us 8,500 KRW each! 

And after climbing several flights of stairs, we came to this! You can read more about Gwongeumsong, a fortress, here:

Most people tried to go to the top, but I was too afraid so we just lingered around the bottom. I was pretty afraid of heights after climbing Mt. Gwanak behind my school. 

My brave shot!

By the time we got back to the main Sokcho area, it was already 4-5 plus and we got on the 6 plus bus back to Seoul, so when we got back it was pretty late. 

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