Bubble Tea in Seoul

I think most of my friends know how crazy I am about Bubble Tea. (Well, the rest of Singapore is too, judging from the queues at KOI outlets.) When I was in Seoul for a good 4.5 months, Bubble Tea was one of the things I missed so much. Partially because when I was in Singapore, there was Bubble Tea everywhere. However, in Seoul, it was hard to find and expensive. Usually averaging about 4,500 - 5,000 KRW per cup.

I got my Bubble Tea fix in Seoul from two places: Quickly in Myeongdong and Cofioca in Apgujeong. Cofioca (커피오카) in Apgujeong can be found at: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 659-9. (Telephone number: 02-515-3032)

EDIT (23 October 2011): A reader has kindly informed me that Gongcha is setting up shop in Korea! For all of you who have never heard of it, Gongcha is VERY popular in Singapore and has pretty good bubble tea. Read this entry to find out more.

Apgujeong is commonly-frequented by celebrities, and this Bubble Tea shop was no different. All the posters have signatures on them and the celebrities even leave little notes for the shop. When I last visited in late June, I asked the Ahjumma about when the celebrities usually come. She was very nice and told me they came by a lot and that they usually come in the late evenings.

SM Entertainment's office is just a stone's throw away, so I'm not at all surprised that so many SM artistes have been there. It's a great place to visit if you're an SM fan. Plus, Cofioca sells really decent Bubble Tea. For starters, their Jasmine Milk Tea is priced at 5,000 KRW. 

Do take note though, in Korea, they call the pearls in Bubble Tea, tapioca. So if you want to add pearls or take them away, refer to them as tapioca. I got a whole lot of blank stares every time I referred to the tapioca pearls as pearls. 

Trent obviously enjoying his Taro Milk Tea.

The above two photos are thanks to Youngkyu! (:

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