My CD Collection!

These are ALL the CDs I bought while I was in Korea. Top left B2ST's first album because my sister already had the second one which she bought in Singapore. MBLAQ's 'Y' album is below the B2ST album, but you can't see it. The 'Y' album didn't come with a poster. Sad.

Then on the middle row are all my 2PM albums. Until now (about 4 months on) they are all still unwrapped. I don't really know what to do with them because I'm not into the 2PM fandom any more. But I really liked the 'Again & Again' and '10 points out of 10' album, so I might keep those. Pity they didn't have posters anymore except for the 'Don't Stop, Can't Stop'.

The Girls' Generation 'Run Devil Run' repackage was for my brother and the kind shopkeeper at the Myeong Dong outlet gave me the stickers.

Okay I have to admit, the ones in the front are my favourites and the artistes that I have gotten the closest to. I got to see CN Blue 2 times through the Inkigayo recordings, Davichi about 4-5 times through a fan signing, Inkigayo recordings and M-Wave recordings. As for Infinite, their debut was in early June. And I became a fan of them soon after and attended about 5-6 of their live events.

I have tonnes of celebrity-related posts that I haven't uploaded the photos for, so once they're up, I'll drop another post here. FYI, they're all tagged with the 'Star Encounters' tag!

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