JUMP! Comic Martial Arts Performance

All Photos: JUMP/Yegam

Part of the Winter holiday itinerary was a JUMP performance at the JUMP Theatre located at Jongro Cinecore. (Somewhere near Jongkak/Jongro 3-ga station. Map will be provided at the end of this entry!) I had seen trailers and heard about the performance, but I didn't quite know what it was about. Basically, I went in with zero expectations and left fully satisfied and entertained.

Inside the theatre.

Close up view of the stage.

JUMP is a martial arts show that encompasses Korean martial arts like Taekwondo and Taekyun, other Asian martial arts and some acrobatics. The show is supposedly non-verbal. (But I did hear some Korean and English phrases thrown in.) The entire show is a combination of martial arts, acrobatics and comedy all thrown together. The show has won accolades like 'Comedy Award' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006 and has been featured in The Royal Variety Performance shown on BBC TV in 2006.

Being non-verbal, the actors had to rely a lot on exaggerated facial expressions and body movements, often leading to hilarious consequences.

Aside from comedic parts, the martial arts segments were a sight to behold as well.

The show is set in an average Korean home with a seemingly average Korean family of a grandfather, drunken uncle, mother, father, daughter and the daughter's suitor. They are all martial arts experts and enjoy challenging each other to duels throughout the whole show. Halfway, they are visited by two bumbling burglars who try to break into the family home. Whether or not they succeed, you'd have to find out on your own by catching the show!

Burglar with curly hair was HILARIOUS.

I have to admit, I was very impressed by the amount of skill showcased by the actors. And it did help that they had a lot of slapstick humour infused in the play. Everyone was so tickled, especially the little Korean kids in the audience who kept giggling. And the audience interaction bits helped a lot in getting everyone into the show. I was hoping so hard I wouldn't get picked though. Luckily I was seated comfortably in the middle.

At the end of everything, you even get to have an opportunity to have either your programme booklet or poster (which you can purchase for 10,000 KRW) signed by the entire cast. If you find yourself swooning over a particular actress or actor after the whole show, here's a perfect opportunity to get upclose and personal with them!

Look at those muscles. :O Goes to show how much they trained.

For us, I think because we were there as Media, we were allowed to get the signatures on our Media Press Kit folders instead. And also because we were pressed for time.

To be honest, I don't know whose is whose. Except for the nice lady who wrote 'Mom' under her signature.

Prior to the show, we were given a short walk around of the facilities. The theatre we were at was at B2 and can seat a total of 367 people. Seats are divided into the R and S categories. R seats are priced at 50,000 KRW and S seats are 40,000 KRW.

If a particular actor is acting for that day, they will paste a 'Today' sticker on his/her photo.

We were also told that they have a grand total of 100 odd actors in this whole production and everyone is broken into 9 teams. Given the amount of performances they put up each day (two a day, except Mondays), it is quite expected that they need to rotate the roles of each character.

How should you go there? It is a 5 minute walk from Exit #4 of Jongkak Station (종각역) which is on Line 1. It is located at a building called Cinecore. And depending on which show you're catching, you'll be directed to either B2 or the 4th floor of the building.

You should see a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet at the first floor, next to the ticketing booth.

Performances are on everyday at 4pm and 8pm, except on Mondays it is only at 8pm and on Sundays and holidays, it is at 3pm and 6pm. The duration of the show is about 80 minutes. One must be above 4 to watch the show, meaning no little children! And the tickets are priced at 40,000 KRW and 50,000 KRW. For more details, you can visit: http://yegam.com/jump/ENG

Go and have a roaring good time with the cast!

Note: No photography is allowed AT ALL at any point in the show. All photos here are courtesy of the team at JUMP! 

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