Knowing Seafood

Clockwise from top: Monggae, Gaebul, Prawns and Raw Fish (Tuna)

This entry is completely random, but I was dying to know the name of the worm-like thing in the white plate ever since I had it in Busan back in June. And after asking around, I finally got the name a few weeks back. It's called: 개불 or Gaebul. There is no known English name for it but it is a type of marine spoon worm. And it's commonly eaten raw in Korea, Japan and China.

The other yellow one in the white plate is called 멍개 or Monggae. It is more commonly known as a Sea Squirt, and is eaten raw.

Both are slimy. Monggae tastes a little bitter to me, I'm not quite fond of it. Whereas I like Gaebul a lot. And when the stall owner told me it was good for my skin...I basically finished all of it. Both are pretty expensive, so if you get a chance to try it, do so! 

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