Winter in Korea Day 5 (11 December 2010) Part 1: Bukchon Hanok Village & Samcheongdong

I don't think I can ever get sick of visiting Samcheongdong. I love the buildings and the vibe of the place. My first place for the day was Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을). Bukchon Hanok Village was home to aristocrats many years ago that's why the Hanoks have roofs that are built with luxury tiles. Such luxury tile-roofed are called 기와집 (Giwa Jib). I wanted to visit Bukchon Hanok Village since June, when I was still there on exchange, but I don't know why I never got round to doing it. It is the place of many dramas and shows, like Personal Taste and 2D1N. Going there is a bit complicated, however. It is located in the vicinity of Anguk (안국) station, out of Exit #3. 

(Today also marked the last day of the whole KTO itinerary. However, I extended my trip to 13 December so there are still 2 more days of photos and blogging you can read about!)



We settled at a small tea house shortly after because it was just TOO cold. It was about -6 degrees out that day. And it didn't help that my hot pack died on me after I had just warmed it up. 

My drink cost 7,000 KRW. Can you guess which I drank?

유자차! (Yujacha/Citron Tea) It's been one of my favourite drinks since early this year when it got so cold out. One hot cup of this is great for cold weather!

Someone's medicinal-tasting tea. I like to stick to what I know.

After the tea, I was off on my own! I had left my luggage at the hotel because it was nearer to my friend's place (where I was staying for the night), than it was to Anguk. So I went on my own way and little did I know, the back of Bukchon Hanok Village led me to Samcheongdong, my favourite place to take photos at! I love all the shop fronts! So quaint and rustic!

Would have loved to sit and have some coffee if it wasn't so cold out.

And with that, I took a train from Anguk all the way back to Yeongdeungpo, collected my luggage and then took a cab (because my luggage was too big) to Sindaebang where my friends were staying. More photos and details about that in the next entry! 

Thank you so much KTO for giving me this opportunity to see Korea again before 2010 ended. It was a great time getting to experience Winter in its best, at the ski resorts! It was such a memorable experience, the places, the food, the people!

I encourage everyone to pop by the KTO office in your countries to pick up brochures, maps and guide books if you're ever planning a trip to Korea, because I really cannot emphasise how much the Korea guidebook helped me when I was planning for trips as an exchange student earlier this year. They update their guidebooks every year and I have the latest version, so I'm already reading it and planning all the new places I can go to when I go back again! (Maybe next year?)

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