Winter in Korea Day 5 (11 December 2010) Part 2: More food & friends!

Sorry for my absence! School has started and I have been neglecting this space! But here's a short entry to make up for my really long absence. After I left the rest at Bukchon Hanok Village on Day 5 (Saturday), I went back to the hotel to collect my luggage, which I left in my room, after I extended my check-out. Then I took a cab all the way to Sindaebang (신대방) to meet Cheryl Jo & SY, my friends from Singapore who were on exchange (but at Inha University) at the same time as me. They were back in Seoul for a holiday too, like me!

On the cab to Sindaebang!

We were very, very late in meeting their Korean friend, Sooji, who was a Korean exchange student at their local university. She brought us to a really pretty restaurant about a 5-minute cab drive or 20-minute walk away from Apgujeong station. If you are familiar with Apgujeong, it's in one of the alleys on the same side as the Once in a Blue Moon jazz bar.

Nice right? Plus waiter wasn't too bad-looking, from what I remember.

Starter salad!

Cream Crab meat Fettuccine. Freaking good, doesn't get too cloying either.

Panna Cotta with grapefruit! So sinful, I don't even want to know how many calories this is.

It was too cold to stay out, so we decided to go to Express Bus Terminal to shop. We took a bus there, but I can't remember what number it is. I missed taking buses in Seoul! Especially the mad-packed ones to school in the mornings! Why does it feel like it happened so long ago?

The 언니들~ (Unni is what a younger girl would call an older girl.)

This is how the front of most buses look like. They're on the opposite side as our local drivers!

This is roughly how the layout of Express Bus Terminal looks like. The shopping is all underground.

Really crazy going on a Saturday because it was so MAD packed. I lost Cheryl Jo and the rest on a few occasions. And I don't know if you can tell, but almost EVERYTHING was winter wear, so I didn't buy anything except for a pair of ankle-length boots to replace the ones I spoilt. I only paid 20,000 KRW for them. About S$22-24! Really affordable. You can find similarly-priced items on Gmarket!

I took a train down to Seoul National University subway station to meet my friends from SNU! It's been abou 5-6 months since I last saw all of them! I was so eager to meet up with them again. We didn't decide on a place to eat, but I think Jeesoo remembered my comment on FB/Twitter about wanting to have Budaechigae, so off to Nolbu Budaechigae we went! Budaechigae (부대찌개) literally means Army Stew and consists of spam, sausages and minced meat. A lot of assorted meats thrown together in soup. I LOVE Nolbu's Budaechigae. I think everyone got sick of eating it with me after a while, haha.

Most restaurants in Korea have the utensils in a box on the table, but if you don't see it on the table, remember to look at the sides, it may be in a drawer under the table!

The glorious Budaechigae.

Saeng Ramyeon. This is plain Ramyeon that doesn't come with any seasoning!

Side dishes!

After the very satisfying dinner (My first Nolbu Budaechigae in months, of course it was VERY satisfying.), I suggested that we go to Baskin Robbins since I wanted to have my favourite ice cream! But the outlet near SNU subway was packed. So was the Coldstone Creamery outlet. So we took a bus down to the outlet near Nokdu and it was so empty! Minsoo, my buddy from the semester I was at SNU was a little late so he treated me to ice cream! Thanks Minsoo! (:

Just to show you how pretty cakes in Korea are!

My favourite! The flavour's called Puss in Boots, but in Korean it's 내 엄마는 ??? I forgot. But it's along the lines of, my mother is an alien.

Some seasonal flavour. I thought the colour was cool.

Everyone huddled around Jeesoo's iPhone playing some time-limit game.

Myself, Jinhyung and Jeesoo. I don't...even know what Jeesoo is doing here.

I decided to join in the poking.

Hyunbae, who was on exchange in NUS before, and my buddy, Minsoo!

Jeesoo, myself and Joanne. Joanne is an exchange student from Australia, but she's from HK!

And with that, I bade goodbye to my friends from SNU and took the subway again down to Gangnam where I met up again with the three Unnis I was with earlier. They were chilling at a HOF in Gangnam. If you go to Gangnam often, it's the one with a lot of Makkeoli kettles hanging outside. Walk out of Exit #6 or was it Exit #7? Just the one where most people walk out of. And turn into the street after Giodarno. It's also the street where the clubs NB and Harlem are at.

Oily, but very yummy, food to go along with our drinks.

Yogurt Soju.

One of my favourite drinks, Dong Dong Ju. I heard it's a variation of Makkeoli (Rice Wine).

I had tonnes of alcohol that night. Soju, Dong Dong Ju, beer and a few other types of liquor. I think I consume more alcohol on one night in Korea than I do in a semester in Singapore. :O But that said, I do know how to control my intake, okay!

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