Winter in Korea Day 6 & 7: Last two days!

Sorry this took so long, but this wraps up my Winter 2010 in Korea series! On my last 1.5 days in Korea, I didn't do very much, neither did I take a lot of photos. A large part of my time was spent travelling around, meeting friends and catching up, having meals and trying to buy whatever I could with the limited time and money I had left.

We went to 새마을식당, a place near Cheryl Jo/CJ's friend's place for lunch. It is also one of her favourite food places. They have a branch in Hongdae too, on the stretch where the club Tinpan is.

This is called 열탄불고기 (Yeoltan Bulgogi) and cost us 7,000 KRW a portion. We got three since there were three of us!

When it's all cooked and yummy.

This is 7분 돼지 김치 (7-minute Pork Kimchi Stew). It is to be mixed with rice, seaweed and sesame oil.

Forming this nice and sticky fried rice-like mixture! 5,000 KRW a serving!

We took a train down to Myeongdong after that for some shopping! Even though I haven't been in Korea for a bit, I remembered every alley and corner of Myeongdong vividly. But because I didn't have much time, I couldn't pop by my favourite shops like AA and A-Land. I did, however, manage to stock up on my favourite cosmetic brands/items and buy some bags and foxtails for myself. (Photos of shopping loot will be in another entry!)

Myeongdong in the afternoon, Anam (near Korea University) in the evening!

We went for 고기 (Barbequed Meat) at my insistence! I still miss the one near where I used to live the most! Their sauce and lettuce salad was THE BOMB.

And because SJ, one of the friends I met up with at Anam, wasn't satisfied with the 고기 dinner, we went for 닦갈비 (Dakgalbi). I didn't have much though, too full and my throat was dying.


This is SJ and this is Gen, my fellow cell girl who was at KU on exchange for Autumn 2010.

With cheese! Looks good right? Tasted good as well!

And this is the HEAP of Macaroni Salad Gen took for us.

Hidayat and SJ who are there under the NIIED scholarship programme. I might try for it?

Myself and Gen!

Jeannie came by Holly's Coffee to get me and we went to her Goshiwon where I dumped my stuff and we went to a Noraebang near her place. Unfortunately, because it was a Sunday night, it closed early. So we went to the bar she frequented a lot, Noi Bar, where one of her bartender friends (who we met while walking along Anam earlier) thought I was Korean. 

I was at the store to buy toothpaste and a toothbrush and I saw this! So I got it. I miss this! Used to have this for breakfast/late-night snack ALL THE TIME.

I slept over at Jeannie's place where she very hospitably provided me with a very comfortable double-layered quilt as a base and blanket and cute, furry socks. We talked for bit and then I soon drifted off to sleep. Woke up at 8-ish the next day to haul myself back to Sindaebang to pack and meet my two Singaporean Unnis who were waiting for me. It was such a cold morning and it didn't help that I had tonnes of shopping to carry back.   The train journey was mad long too. And I didn't have much money, so no cabbing...

Despite the coldness, I had 냉면 (Naengmyeon/Cold Noodles) for lunch! Yummy! 5,000 KRW near their place in Sindaebang!

The two Unnis, SY and CJ who put me up at their friend's place!

And then it was more packing and shoving of items into my already-bursting bag. Fortunately there was an airport limousine stop near their place, so we didn't have to walk far in the cold. And fortunately too, the bus came right after we went to the stop. Unfortunately though, while trying to lift my bag, I ripped my leggings cos' the side of my luggage scratched it. -.- But it wasn't that obvious.

I met Carolyn and Jenny at the airport, returned my phone and went up to the plane!

Similar shot as that I took when I first went back in July 2010. (I know, I haven't posted that yet. I have it in my drafts, somewhere...)

I had Bibimbap again! They had Chicken Rice too, but there was none left. I guess the Koreans on the flight wanted to try it!

On my way back, an Ajusshi was sitting beside me, and I helped him fill out his Singapore immigration form. He asked me about my life in Korea, what I was doing and some other random stuff. But the conversation kinda died down because I couldn't quite get what he was saying as the complexity of the conversation grew. ): Must study harder for Korean. 

I then turned my attention to outside the window and captured some really beautiful sights. It felt like a nice closure to the trip.

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