i Tour Seoul

If you've caught up with my December posts, you'd have realised that I've become quite a big fan of collages. Why not? They tell the whole story in one photo. Previously, I had used Picasa to construct my collages. But now with this new application, the i Tour Seoul i Photo Mosaic application (http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/i-tour-seoul/id415817229), it makes all the photos you take into a mosaic photo. Cool much!? Unfortunately I am a Blackberry user and my (really old) iPod Touch does not have a camera, so I can't use this application. But if I get one of the more recent iPod Touches (I might if I save enough), I will definitely love to try out this application!

If you found the screaming annoying/cute/funny, it is a parody of the 5 second film Late For Work.

The boys from Korean boy group Infinite did their own version too, documenting a day in the lives of Infinite members.

Now...I wish I made more videos when I was in Seoul, haha.