Shopping Loot from December 2010 in Korea

Embarrassingly, I still have yet to complete my backlog from my exchange. Sigh. I am in Week 10 of my academic term and I have a month to go. In the mean time, I have since updated two entries in June. One on my trip to the TVN Newton recording at the CJ Entertainment building (where MNET Countdown is also recorded). And another on the other Coffee Prince cafe in Hongdae, which also happened to be the day where I tried to catch a glimpse of 2PM at Myeongdong but failed miserably.

Someone mentioned on my Formspring that she wanted to see some of my clothes purchases while I was in Korea. I didn't really manage to take photos cos' I threw/gave away quite a couple of the stuff I got as I decided to revamp my wardrobe, but here's a short post about stuff I got when I was in Korea in December. I didn't shop that much in December because: 1) It was winter, meaning a lot of the clothes are too thick for Singapore weather. 2) I was kinda broke. 3) I only had one day to shop. The rest of the trip was spent travelling around.

Alexa-inspired bag in black and box bag in brown. Both were bought at 10,000 KRW in Myeongdong. (S$11?) Faux fox tails at 3,000 KRW. They were all the rage last year!

10,000 KRW bag shops are very common in Myeongdong. I often headed there to see if I could snag myself some cheap buys. Usually I get cute backpacks and slings. Edae is full of such shops too! In Myeongdong, they're at the alley right in front of SPAO, if I don't remember wrongly.

Makeup from Etude House. Stocked up on my Proof 10 Eye Primer (works exactly the same way as Urban Decay's Primer Potion and it's half the price!) and Liquid Liner, got a couple of glitter polishes to go along. Items on left are freebies. I miss Korea and their generous freebies/samples!

Loot from Holika Holika. Roll-On BB Cream and loads of face masks. And also a pink scheduler for myself for 2011 from a shop in M Plaza.

Holika is a relatively new cosmetics shop that is fronted by the band CN Blue. I got to know of them towards the end of my stay in June. And when I went back in December, I couldn't help but stop by again cos' their products are really pretty and quite useful. Take the Roll-On BB Cream for example. It's a really effective way of putting on your BB cream evenly. One downside is that the sponge is not removable, which might result in hygiene issues. But overall I really like the after-effects of the application. The masks are also really nice to use and cheap! 1,000 KRW a mask for the normal ones. 2,000 KRW a mask for the Vitamin C intensive mask. They definitely helped me to get my skin back to its normal state after the cold, harsh wintery air killed it, back in December.

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