Hungry for Hotteok?

It's been a while! I have been terribly busy with school, but my semester has since ended and I'm (supposed to be) studying for my finals. Anyway I had some extra time to spare in the evening so I stopped by the Korean supermarket at my neighbourhood mall hoping to get some preserved radish side dish that I missed. But the cold section was almost empty, they didn't even have regular Kimchi! But I found this and decided to try to see if I could make this! It retails for S$8.50 at Sol Mart and makes about 8-10 pancakes.

I last had some Hotteok when I was in Korea for Winter last year. Hotteok (호떡) is a type of Korean pancake that is pan-fried, and has cinnamon, brown sugar and nuts for its filling. It's a Winter street snack and is best served piping hot! It's not commonly found in Korean restaurants in Singapore but I remember trying some at Sarang Restaurant at Orchard Central before. Wasn't too bad.

Instructions! All in Korean!

The Beksul Hotteok Pre-Mix didn't look very difficult. But the thing was all the instructions were in Korean and it's been ages since I had to read anything in it took me a while. But here are some phrases/words I picked up when reading the package!

발효 - Fermentation (Eg. 발효가 필료없어요! - No fermentation needed!)
누르개 - Weight? It's the flattener-thing used to flatten out the dough for even frying. If you don't have this, the package says you can use a rice bowl and a spatula.
골고루 - Evenly
주걱 - Spatula

When you open the package, you will see three packets! Hotteok pre-mix (brown), yeast (red) and jam mix (purple).

Okay now I'll do a step-by-step since I would completely suck at doing a word-for-word translation of the package instructions. ):

1) Put 250ml of warm (40-45°C) water in a bowl and add the instant dry yeast to it.

2) Mix it well and ensure all the yeast has dissolved in the water. (This mixture really smells like Makkeoli to me!)

3) Add the brown packet of pre-mix in and start stirring with your spatula!

Till it looks like that!

4) Oil your hands with some cooking oil and then divide the dough into 8-10 portions. (There's only four here cos' I put the other half into the freezer for another day. It will keep for 24 hours in the fridge and a while in the freezer. Remember to completely defrost before using again!)

5) Flatten a dough ball onto your palm such that there is enough space for you to put the jam. (Please flatten it more!)

6) Put the jam in the centre of the dough and seal the dough back into a rounded shape. (See what I mean! Too much jam, not enough space.)

7) Fry it! (Instructions say 1-2 minutes on each side. But I usually like to go by gut feeling. And I used only a spatula cos' I didn't have a rice bowl with an even base, neither did I have the flattener thing.)

TADAH! It's good to eat! I think I put too much dough/too little jam cos' the jam isn't oozing out like how it usually does in shows and stuff.

Taste wise, it is very much comparable to the one I ate at Sarang restaurant. I might just make my own Hotteok whenever I crave for it in the future! The one I remember eating in Seoul was definitely way more crispier and lighter. (Maybe it's the amount of dough I used?) But till the next time I go back to Seoul, this alternative shall suffice! (:

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