R-16 World B-boy Championship

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I got an email from the people behind the R-16 World B-Boy Championship taking place at the Seoul Olympic Hall of Olympic Park. While I don't dance, I love watching B-Boy performances especially since I caught my first performance by Last for One in Singapore in late 2008. Unfortunately, even though I would really love to catch this, I am not in Seoul at the moment. I mean, Tiger JK, Jay Park and his AoM crew are going to be there. I really want to see Jay and AoM B-Boy, and Tiger JK perform!

If you're in Seoul and are looking for something to do this weekend, you might want to head down to the Championship to take a look. There will be 200 B-Boys from 16 countries (Hence the title, R-16.) competing to be the best of the best. (Singapore is one of the 16 countries! I feel proud my country is represented!)

The event is sponsored by both Korea Tourism Organisation and F1 Korea Grand Prix, meaning there will also be event booths featuring the F1 racing girls. According to R-16's mission, the Championship "is also designed to develop the potential and creativity of Korean street artists" so there will be an Asia Graffiti tournament and an open-air street market. The whole vibe sounds pretty amazing so far, right?

Tickets can be bought through Interpark. Seat S and standing tickets retail for 20,000 KRW while Seat A tickets will go for 10,000 KRW.

Everything will be taking place at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall. A more detailed breakdown of the event are as follows:

July 2nd (Saturday) R-16 Korea World Masters Championship Solo Event: Popping, Locking, B-Boy Solo Competition, and Showcase Battle Between Jay Park & AOM Against Red Bull All Star Team
July 3rd (Sunday) R-16 Korea World Masters Championship Crew Event: B-Boy Crew Battles, Special Hip-Hop Performances by Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, and Sunzoo, and Special Performance by Oneum Chamber Orchestra Collaboration with B-Boys

It's this weekend so be quick in getting your tickets!