TOPIK 2012

I finally hauled myself down to the now-very-secluded Singapore Korean School in Bukit Timah to register for the TOPIK Intermediate test which will take place on 15 April 2012. Is anyone else taking it? All my friends have either taken it or are taking Beginner/Advanced, so I have no one to go with. T.T

Registration is over, but there will be another exam in September if I'm not wrong, and registrations should be around July. By then I seriously hope to be able to take the Advanced level! Details for this round's exam can be found here:

And if you're also taking TOPIK, you would definitely benefit from this post: which teaches you how to retrieve past papers from the TOPIK site!

I have a good two months to the exam! I'm aiming for a TOPIK 4 so I've tonnes of catching up to do! Hope I find time admist my busy final year in university. All the best to everyone taking it!