English Goshiwon Resource: Goshipages

When I first went to Seoul back in 2010 and found out that my university wasn't going to provide me with campus accommodation, but instead gave us the option of staying in a (rather expensive) one-room-style apartment in the campus vicinity, I remember panicking BADLY. Back then, English resources for long-term accommodation in Korea were scarce, and there was no way I was going to fork out close to almost 3 million KRW for the one-room they offered us. So using my (then) very limited knowledge of Seoul and Korean, and with some help from a few Korean friends, I managed to find the site http://gosi1.net/ and thus found my own accommodation, saving myself a lot of money. Plus, I got to live really near SNU subway station instead of Nokdu (the area behind the university), so it was a lot easier for me to travel around.

Fast forward to late 2010, I realised that a few friends and visitors to my blog were asking me about how I got my room at the Goshiwon and how was long-term accomodation in Korea like. With whatever knowledge I had gleaned from my 4.5 months in Korea, I created this post: Looking for a Goshiwon? with the intent of helping lost students like myself make more informed accommodation choices. 

I never expected the amount of traffic flow the page would receive. I mean, when I first started out the blog, it was just close friends reading it to find out how I was doing in Korea. But until today, even though the entries are more than a year old (for my most recent Korea trip), I still get a regular stream of visitors to this blog, asking me about Seoul, and my travels within Korea. 

However, as mentioned, it's been a long while since I've gone back (December 2010) and I have to admit, a lot of my information may now be a little back-dated or lacking. Which is why, when I first received an email from Jason at Goshipages in late January (Yes, I took that long to blog. I blame school.), I was actually really glad to find that someone else was compiling more recent, updated information about Goshiwons in Seoul. 

I've taken a look at the site, it's very informative and, and best of all, it's in ENGLISH! If only I had such a resource back when I was preparing to go to Seoul National University! Jason, along with two other exchange students, have also categorised Goshiwons according to the university areas. All information is also accurate because they personally go down to the Goshiwons to check it out. Oh, and aside from English, their site is also in Korean, Chinese and Japanese, with more languages to be added. 

If you're looking for long-term accommodation in Seoul, in the form of a Goshiwon or a Hasukjib, be sure to bookmark http://www.goshipages.com/. (: