26th TOPIK Exam Results

So, the results came out on Monday and as expected, I didn't pass. But here's my score breakdown anyway. I needed an average of 50 points and couldn't score below 40 points for any component to get a level 3. My results are quite bad, but I'm posting it up here to remind myself of this failure and that I can definitely do better.

My average was a 41 and I scored below 40 for two components, meaning I failed the Intermediate exam. I know I could have done better, but I started practising too late. My first section scored the best because TOPIK questions do repeat themselves and I managed to practice that section a little before my paper. As for writing, it has ALWAYS been my weakest point, even when taking Korean in NUS and SNU, something I definitely need to work on.

Cheryl (who took the exam last year) said I would definitely pass Level 4, but when I finally tried the TOPIK papers 1-2 weeks before the exam, I knew my vocabulary and comprehension was lacking. I could hope for a Level 3 at most? My Korean standard has dropped a lot since I returned from my exchange stint and I proritised taking easier modules (to get an A and to bring up my GPA/CAP score) in school instead of continuing with the Korean language modules in NUS (Korean 5 and Korean 6).

Plus I had a whole load of papers and projects, so I was not able to practice my Korean as much as I wanted to. Of course I'm kinda annoyed I paid $80 and then flunked the test. But I'm going to give TOPIK one more shot, and this time I'm going to try for both the Beginner and Intermediate levels. I've learnt Korean since 2008 and to give it all up just isn't my style. I'm gonna use this short holiday I have to pick up my Korean textbooks and study (while job-hunting, course). Anyone going to sign up for the 28th TOPIK exam?

On another note, I hope everyone else that took this round's exam managed to get the grade/score they wanted! (: