Summer 2012: Bangkok Day 2

Meatball noodles at Platinum Mall's food court at the topmost level. Felt like going for something light.

Bird's nest soup. This cost me 100 baht at the food court.

Our second day there was spent conquering Platinum Fashion Mall. It is where most Singaporeans and blog shop owners go to, to get clothes, accessories and shoes at wholesale prices. When I last went there in 2008, one had to get a minimum of 3 pieces to get wholesale price. Now it appears that most shops allow for 2 pieces minimum. Prices seemed to have increased though. The standard for a dress/top is about 200 baht (about S$8) at wholesale price. Didn't bother with photos inside cos' the place was really cramped. We managed to cover the whole of Platinum Mall and one floor of Platinum Mall 2 in 4-5 hours. And here's our shopping loot:

Mine! 4 tops, 6 dresses, 3 skirts, 3 shorts and 5 pairs of shoes.

Audrey's buys. 

Thereafter, we dropped off our bags at the hotel and freshened up a little for dinner. One thing that's really awesome about the hotel is that it is a 5-10 minute walk to the Platinum Mall/Pratunam area. For dinner, we decided to head to Somboon Seafood ( at Ratchada. Apparently the chain is really popular for their Fried Curry Crab. 

Took the BTS from Chitlom, then we changed at Asok to get to the MRT station Sukhumvit.

Alight 4 stops later at Huai Kwang Station, go out of the exit #3, you'll see this to your left. 

Thankfully we made reservations by calling the outlet from our hotel just right before we made our way there so we didn't have to wait at all. You can also make reservations online 48 hours before. 

Myself poring through the pages and pages of good food.

What we ordered from left to right: Fried Prawn Rolls (?), Tom Yum Goong, Chinese Broccoli with Pork and Fried Curry Crab!

Close up of the Fried Curry Crab

The food was pretty satisfactory. I had expected the Fried Curry Crab to be a lot more savoury, and taste more like curry? But the actual taste was a lot milder. Plus the crabs were kinda small too. In all, we paid about 900 baht (about S$36) altogether for the meal, which we felt was very affordable considering we did order quite a bit and it was only two of us. After the meal, at my suggestion, we decided to check out the RCA (Royal City Avenue) area.

Route66 charges 200 baht for entry and it is redeemable on drinks.

Most of my friends who have checked out the Bangkok night scene name Route66 as one of the better clubs around. I have to agree. The music was good, even heard a few Korean hits being played. And the thing about Bangkok clubs is that there is no dance floor, everyone has a table and dances around it. Quite an eye-opener. Drinks were cheap too, paid 160 baht (S$6.40) for a Heineken and 240 baht (S$9.60) for a Long Island Tea. Oh, and Route 66 has one of the biggest rest-rooms ever too, with lots of cubicles, a touch-up area and a lounging area, completed with a huge chandelier hanging above. 

We left at about 1am, quite early by local standards, but Route66 closes at 2am. And while on our way out of RCA, we stopped to grab this:

Nicknamed the RCA chicken wings. (I think they're CP chicken wings actually. Why don't we have them in Singapore!?) They make a really good, satisfying snack after a night out. 

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