Summer 2012: Bangkok Day 3

Having stayed out late the night before, we woke up pretty late for brunch at Greyhound Cafe ( We headed for the branch at Central Chidlom, about 5-10 minutes away from our hotel. They have a branch at Siam Center too, but we thought this branch would be less crowded. We were very wrong. We ended up having to wait for about 30-40 minutes because we didn't make a reservation. 

This entry will be full of food photos because we didn't do much for the day except shop and eat. No photos for shopping because our hands were obviously busy grabbing all the buys we could manage, and food photos are pretty self-explanatory so... 

Spot the lady peeking at me as I tried to take a photo of the cafe's interior.

Before our main courses. The butter tasted like sweet corn?

Audrey ordered a Thai Tea Granita (90 baht). The ice was made out of Thai Tea!

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings (100 baht). This was really good!

My Asparagus Cream Soup (120 baht) which got pretty cloying after a while. Didn't finish this.

A brunch staple for me! Chamomile tea. (With a huge cup of brown sugar, given by the cafe.)

Spaghetti with Crabmeat in Prawn Cream Sauce (220 baht). Seriously should have known better than to order two cream-based dishes. This was good, but a bit too much for me when paired with the Asparagus soup.

Audrey's Spaghetti Olio (180 baht). She loves Olio!

Can't remember what this was. But the spoon had salted caramel on it. We didn't really know how to eat this dessert, haha.

The cafe is located within a departmental store, hence the suitcases and clothes rack behind us.

After the super satisfying meal, we headed straight for Platinum 2 to shop our hearts out. We had only covered Platinum 1 and part of 2 the day before, so we went back to cover the areas we had missed. Shopping loots in the next two photos! It's quite obvious to whom the loot belongs to based on the colour palette in the photos...

Me and my preference for neutral/monochrome shades!

After throwing our numerous shopping bags in the hotel, we walked along this really long connecting bridge from the Chitlom area to the Siam area as I suggested trying Fuji restaurant ( at Siam Paragon for dinner. 

Totally couldn't read anything on this. And I didn't know when our number was being called too, since it was called in Thai. Thankfully a nice little old lady who could understand English helped us out.

Green tea with your own individual vacuum flasks.

I can't remember the price of this set, but I paid 370 baht (S$14) in all for my green tea and the set, so it was pretty worth it. Too much food for me, in fact. 

We walked over to MBK after the dinner, but Thai shops close pretty early so by the time we headed there a lot of shops were closing already. So we decided to head back to the hotel cos' we had to be up really early the next day for our Floating Market tour outside of Bangkok! 

Interior of the Thai BTS system. Really clean and new! 

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