Summer 2012: Bangkok Day 4 Part 2

Sorry for blocking a quarter of the sign, but yes we went to the Elephant Village!

The Elephant Village was situated just a short bus ride from the floating market we went to previously. We had to top up an additional 600 baht (S$23) each to ride the elephants but we decided to give it a go since neither of us had ridden an elephant before. Plus since we were out sight-seeing, we were totally on our touristy mode! 

The seat we would eventually sit on. They just use a string to secure you to the elephant across the seat.

The 'forest' we walked through.

And us sitting on top of the elephant! (You can see the both of us clutching very tightly to the sides for dear life.)

At one point the elephant even walked us into the water! (Cue loads of screaming noises from us.)

The ride was about 20 minutes long. The forest was pretty small, but the elephant walked at a slow and sustained pace. The mahout (guy who rode the elephant) was a nice, young guy who talked to us about the elephant and himself. Halfway through he turned around and asked if we wanted to buy some elephant souvenirs. Thankfully he didn't seem pissed off when we declined. 

The mahout and the elephant.

A random bull elephant I walked past. It was very big!

And us nervously posing beside the elephant that carried us.

They also sell photographs of you on the elephant after the ride and bananas for you to feed your elephant.

After visiting the Elephant Village, we were brought to a handicraft centre and a gem factory. Very touristy places, but quite an eye-opener nonetheless. 

Look at how intricate the work is!

The next place we went to was a restaurant in the Sukumvit area. I had heard about Ruen Mallika ( through someone I followed on Instagram and decided to check this out since I barely knew anything about good food places in Bangkok. Ruen Mallika serves royal Thai cuisine and has two sitting areas - outdoor and indoor. We opted to sit outdoors cos' the weather was pretty cooling and cos' of the better lighting (for better photos of course!). 

The HUGE menu. It is filled with photos of every dish they serve.

Me with the huge menu. Look at how thick it is.

Audrey showing you just how big the book is. 

Sorry for the lousy exterior photos. I was too hungry.

Aside from showing you what you're going to get, the menu book also tells you what are the key beneficial ingredients in each dish and the benefits each dish provides. Pretty extensive. 

Our very first dish! Chun-Cheu-Boos-Sa-Ba, a fried flower tempura platter. (200 baht for a small plate)

Flowers for you?

Peeg-Gai-Yud-Sai or Fried Stuffed Chicken Wing. (250 baht) Found this too dry for my liking though.

Gang-Kheaw-Waan-Gai or Green Curry with Chicken. (250 baht) This is a very popular Thai dish, but disappointingly, it was too spicy for us and the chicken was a bit too tough.

Phad-Phak-Boong-Rai-Garn or Stir Fried Morning Glory/Kang Kong. (200 baht) We loved this dish! The seasoning on this was really good.

Koor-Moo-Yang or Grilled Pork Shoulder with Tamarind Sauce. (250 baht) This was very tender, sweet and savoury at the same time. 

Our table full of food. We also ordered Khai-Toon-Songe-Kreung, a bowl of steamed egg topped with minced meat and century egg. (120 baht)

If you're heading there, I would recommend taking a cab in because it is very far inside from the main road. I heard the place gets packed on weekends and during dinners, so do try to make a reservation. Though the prices are considered pricey by Bangkok standards, it worked out to about 30 bucks each for us for the whole table full of food, so it's still very affordable. I liked the food and the ambience. I would personally go back with a bigger group so that I can try more dishes. This table full of food was way too much for two of us to finish! 

When we finished our meal, it was drizzling so a nice young chef braved the rain and went out to hail a cab for us. Thumbs up for good post-meal customer service! We got caught in a very, very long jam on the way back though, almost an hour for us to get back to Chitlom even though it was only about 2-3 train stops away. Our taxi driver even accidentally knocked out a guy's side mirror. Luckily there was no confrontation of any sort, they just amicably swapped numbers for claims. It was quite scary though! I honestly though the other party was going to rail at our driver and was prepared to bolt any moment. First hand experience of the crazy Bangkok traffic, I guess. 

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