Summer 2012: Bangkok Day 5 & 6

Our fifth day in Bangkok was pretty chill. We woke up quite late and cabbed to MBK as it was raining, to buy Naraya goodies and some foodstuff for the folks back home. Lunch was at MK restaurant, a famous steamboat/hotpot restaurant chain in Thailand, on the topmost floor of MBK. There was only two of us so we opted to order ala carte instead of going for the set meals. 

When at MBK remember to claim your free Thai Iced Milk Tea from the drinks store at The Fifth Food Avenue! You just need to show your passport for a free drink. 

After loading up on foodstuffs (photos below later), and the Naraya stuff for our sisters, mothers and friends, we walked over to Siam Paragon and Siam Center. Siam Centre sells Jeffrey Campbells, so if you're looking to try the shoes personally instead of buying them online, do remember to check it out. I was so tempted to get a couple of pairs on sale! it was day 5, I had already burst my intended budget. 

Pretty cupcakes at a shop at Siam Centre. I got a Banoffe one and a Red Velvet. 

We then headed back to Platinum do to a bit of last-minute shopping and to check out the shops for any new arrivals. There's a lot of streetside stalls infront of Platinum, around the Pratunam area. Shoes were as cheap as 120 baht a pair (S$5), so I snapped up two pairs for myself from the spread you see below.

So much cheaper than the Platinum shoes!

Banana pancake as our nightcap!

We braved the drizzle back to Big C next to our hotel to grab some McDonald's for a very late dinner and some more foodstuffs to bring back home. 

My loots from day 5. More of stuff for my family 

Audrey's stuff. Do you see her JC Litas? 

The huge array of snacks I got for my family! I still have the durian chips left, like 3 months later. And the Tom Yum instant noodles. Not that big a fan of Tom Yum.

And our McDonald's take-out! We ate it while watching Fox World! So many awesome dramas/reality shows!

The next morning, Audrey had to get something for her sister so we decided to go back to Platinum Mall for a last look-see. I think I was pretty broke by now so I didn't get anything cos' I can't really use my card at these small shops anyway. (I did buy more Naraya items from the branch at Central World opposite our hotel though, as I could use my card.)

Oyster Omelette, Pad Thai and Minced Egg Omelette Rice with Thai Iced Tea at Platinum Mall's food court for our lunch! What an egg-infused meal!

We went to Central World on our way back. This is taken at the front of Central World. Big C is the place with the huge supermarket and the building on the right is our hotel!

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport. Given our increased amount of baggages due to our shopping loots, we decided to take a cab. We agreed on a price at the hotel with the driver before getting on. The hotel staff were real helpful too, helping us with that. 

I went to Bangkok with my backpack and came back with two extra bags. About 13 KG extra back home I think...

And that marks the end of my Bangkok trip! It was quite a fun trip, doing nothing but shopping and eating for the 5-6 days we spent there. The last time I went to Bangkok was in 2008, and while the surroundings have not changed much since then, I really enjoyed the freedom I had to explore the various places this time. (I went with my family the previous round.) That said, Bangkok is certainly very easy for tourists to get around and I'll definitely be back within this year or the next for yet another round of crazy shopping and eating! (: 

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