Mini Instagram Update

01. Bowls of coloured vanilla cupcake batter. 02. The end-product!

I made rainbow cupcakes last week for a friend's birthday. It was pretty easy to make actually. Just use any simple vanilla cupcake recipe, divide into five portions and drop food colouring into them. I dropped about 1-2 teaspoons of cupcake mix of each colour into the cupcake lining, baked for 3-4 minutes so that each layer would set nicely. I wanted to put a simple butter cream frosting on top, but it kinda failed.

03. Cupcakes from Plain Vanilla / 04. Shio Ramen from Santouka

I tried my first Plain Vanilla cupcake when Xin bought them for me for my birthday this year. I proudly declare them my favourite cupcakes in the whole of Singapore! My favourite flavours from them are the Red Velvet and Salted Caramel ones. Fluffy but moist with a very light but flavourful icing. The only gripe I have is that their shop is all the way at Holland Village and they don't have a sitting area, so it's just grab-and-go. $3.50 a piece, $19 for six. Please do try it if you're a cupcake fan!

I also finally tried Santouka Ramen (after queuing for about 45 minutes on a late Friday evening)! The egg is so good, but I'm not quite sure about the ramen... I think I still prefer Ippudo and Marutama at Central. (The one at United Square isn't as nice.) But I think I'll give it another shot and try the pork cheek ramen the next time. 

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Plain Vanilla Bakery
34A Lorong Mombong
Holland Village
Tel: 64655942

Ramen Santouka
21 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Tel: 62351059

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