Winter 2012: Hong Kong Day 2 - Tim Ho Wan & Langham Place

On the local MTR.

The only reason I'm actually backtracking my entries is because I'm about to go on yet another holiday and I really want to get this out of the way. For those new to the blog, this Hong Kong holiday occurred mid-December last year, but I'm such a huge procrastinator that I've only just uploaded majority of the photos on FB a couple of weeks ago and am only getting back to blogging about it now.

The sister looking bored outside Tim Ho Wan. (She kinda looks superimposed, no?)

Back when I was in Hong Kong in December 2012, Tim Ho Wan had yet to open in Singapore, hence THW was a definite must-go on most Singaporean's HK itineraries. The sister and I had intended to head to Australia Dairy Co. for breakfast, but sadly it was closed, so after a few frantic SOS Whatsapps to my friends in Singapore on where to go next, we decided on THW. We arrived at the Mongkok branch (which has since closed) at 11.30am and were told to put our names on a list and come back about 2 hours later. So we shopped our hearts out around the Mongkok area and even found a gem - Langham Place. But more on that later. 

It was literally this small and cramped. I took this from where I was seated and I was just one table away from the door.

We got our tables after about 2 hours of waiting. Given that there was only two of us, we ordered 5 dishes to share. We also ordered takeaway for our mother who was going to arrive a little later that afternoon. (We were also strictly reminded that we were only allowed to make only one additional order, given that the restaurant was so busy.)

Our spread. From left clockwise: pork buns, porridge, steamed rice rolls (chee cheong fun), har kow, chicken feet. 

The signature BBQ pork buns!

I'm not a big fan of charsiew buns, hence I wasn't exactly floored by the buns. While they were better than your average pork buns, I'm not quite sure if their taste alone would justify the 2-hour wait. The rest of the dimsum were surprisingly mediocre and I've had better dimsum back in Singapore for sure. That aside, I believe THW's popularity and charm lies in the fact that it is the 'world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, and that I agree. For the spread the both of us shared, it only cost us about S$15 in total. 

After the meal, the sister and I headed back to the hotel with out take-outs for the mother. However, we had much left to discover among the streets of Mongkok. Our late afternoon and evening was spent combing Langham Place and Argyle Mall. Argyle Mall is reminiscent of Far East Plaza, small stalls packed with the latest trends. It can be a little confusing and overwhelming, but patience is the key to scoring some really great buys from there. My best buys there would be the cream knitted cardigan and my black statement necklace (pictured below), which I've gotten numerous compliments for. 

My buys from Argyle!

Langham Place houses two of our favourite brands - H&M and Monki. What I love about H&M in HK is that it is about one cycle (season?) ahead of Singapore, so most of the items that are currently retailing in Singapore are likely to be on sale in HK. I've also managed to snag items which I saw on the H&M site (but had yet to see in Singapore) at sale prices. I have to admit, Monki was a little underwhelming, and the sizings were a little odd. I'll give it another shot when we head back there again (or when I head to Sweden). 

We ended off the long second day with dinner at Shang Shang Shanghai Cuisine at the basement of Langham Place and a short walk around the Tsim Sha Tsui area.

The bustling streets of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tim Ho Wan (Olympian City)
Shop 72, G/F, Olympian City 2, 18 Hoi Ting Road, Tai Kok Tsui 

Langham Place
8 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
Nearest MTR: Mongkok Station, Exit C3

Argyle Centre
688 Nathan Road, Mongkok 
Nearest MTR: Mongkok Station, Exit D2

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