Winter 2012: Hong Kong Day 5 & 6

My last two days in HK was pretty much spent eating and shopping. And of course, squeezing in a couple more meetups with Trent. On our second-last morning we headed back to Australia Dairy Co. where I ordered the same thing I did a few days ago, except that I tried the egg pudding instead of the milk one.

We headed to Causeway Bay where we practically spent the whole after scouring Times Square and the F21 there for good buys. We also popped into a few H&Ms. (As usual, photos of my shopping loot nearer to the end of the entry.)

We popped by a Korean restaurant and they served Yuk Hway (raw beef) bibimbap, which Singapore doesn't really have, so I HAD to order it. I last had raw beef bibimbap when I was in Seoul in December 2010. (You can read more from my entry here.)

We shopped till it was evening and I rushed back to TST to meet Trent at a cafe opposite my hotel called Cafe Initial, which seemed like a quaint and rustic location. 

Me posing with glasses Trent got from the DNA Mall next to my hotel. 

Trent trying to act all pensive.

Our food! We had waffles, mentako sausages and mash and affogato. It came up to about S$30 if I didn't remember wrongly, so it wasn't too bad.

A parting shot with Trent before we headed back to the hotel room to rest for the evening. (Or so we thought.)

Unfortunately, we got a little hungry so we popped downstairs to this seemingly popular roasted meat restaurant right below our hotel. TST is full of food places everywhere!

Love how thickly-sliced the charsiew was, though I really hate how little sauce they gave. ):

After the meal, it was back to our hotel for some packing up and rest since our flight was pretty early the next day. Of course, it was time for me to consolidate all my shopping for the day.

The hotel from across the street. I will definitely miss being situated right in the heart of so much food and shopping!

My very first branded wallet and Proenza. I got this at about S$300 which was really a steal considering I think this typically retails for S$600-700. PS1 next? (:

My buys from H&M all put together. Loved how dirt cheap the two clutches were cos' they were all on sale!

Buys from F21. The prices weren't exactly a lot cheaper than SG's F21 stores, but oh well, I had to use up my HKD and I did need new clothes! (Right.)

The next day we got up bright and early and hailed a cab to the airport. I can't really remember how much it was but I do remember we took less than an hour to get there. (HK isn't that big afterall.) And then we had to bid goodbye to HK! T.T 

Clear skies all the way home! I watched Brave on the way back!

Taking photos of my food as usual.

Till the next time then, HK!

Initial Cafe
48 Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station

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