Winter 2012: Hong Kong Day 3 Part 1 - Australia Dairy Co.

It's been almost a year and I have yet to finish blogging about my HK trip, shame on me. I shall leave the part 2 of my third day aside due to the extensive amount of photos we took at Disneyland. On my third day in HK, the sister, mother and I decided to try heading down to Australia Dairy Co. at Jordan again to try their famed breakfast set.

We were greeted by a long queue of about 20-30 people in front of us when we arrived, but were quickly seated within 10-15 minutes. 

Just see how packed everyone is!

Our very full table which we had to share with another family.

The famous scrambled eggs!

Comes with an iced/hot tea/coffee. Of course, me being the Iced Milk Tea fan had to opt for this! 

The breakfast set which costs HK$26 (additional HK$2 for iced drinks) comes with the scrambled eggs, toast, drink and a turkey ham macaroni. The milk pudding was something extra we ordered. 

The food there is good, as promised, but the service is downright bad. (As I have also been warned.) There was three of us, so the waiter seated us at a table of six with three of us at one side and another family of three directly opposite us. I was quite uncomfortable with them staring right at us as we ate so I asked if we could sit in a 2-1 configuration instead. I was denied flatly and the waiter gave me the 'take it or get lost' face. Food is also delivered quickly, but the very moment it arrives, they pass you the bill, expecting you to get out once you're done. Similar to Tim Ho Wan, staff don't take too well to you requesting for more items after your first order.

Overall, if you're there for the food, then Australia Dairy Co. performs. But if you're expecting a leisurely breakfast, this is definitely not the place for you. Try a brunch cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui instead. 

As for me, the food is really too good and cheap for me to be bothered with the bad service. Besides, I have no qualms about getting my food quick and leaving right after. This will still be one of my first places on my itinerary for breakfast if I go head back to HK!

Australia Dairy Co.
47 - 49 Parkes Street
Tel: +852 2730 1356 
Nearest MTR: Jordan, Exit C2

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