Winter 2012: Hong Kong Day 4

It was a Saturday so Trent didn't have work and was free to bring us out. He chose to bring us to The Peak ( We took a short MTR ride from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central station, where we then caught a cab to The Peak. It was a really steep ride up! Can't imagine having to drive the same way down. 

The view from above.

The view was good though it was slightly foggy that day. Even though it was winter (and I was kind of dressed for it), the weather was pretty warm and sunny. Nonetheless we spent a good hour or so up there admiring the view and snapping some shots for memories' sake. 

With Trent, the mother and the sister. 

Saw this heart thing up at The Peak which vaguely reminded me of the heart locks in Paris and Seoul.

Going down was pretty straight forward. We purchased the tram tickets and queued to take the tram down. It being a Saturday, there were tonnes of people waiting for it on both ends. To be honest, I don't recall taking a tram before, so I was quite excited. Especially since it went down backwards. Fortunately we all had seats, else balancing would have been a nightmare!

The 'view' for about 10 minutes or so.

After getting off, we continued walking around the Central area for a bit, walking through places like urban green spaces and such before we decided it was time for lunch. As the restaurant Trent wanted to bring us to was closed, we settled some place else for dimsum. What's a trip to Hong Kong without dimsum right?

Roasted meat, chee cheong fun, century egg, xiao long bao, xiew mai, liu sha bao... The list goes on.

Interestingly, while the dimsum was nice, I felt that it tasted pretty different from the ones I had in Singapore. In fact, I preferred the version I've had in local restaurants, my favourite being Imperial Treasure. Maybe it's my preference? (Some of my friends have agreed with me though. Or maybe someone could introduce me some place else that serves really awesome dimsum in HK? I might go back this year or the next.)

After lunch we all shopped around for a bit with Trent before he brought us to a themed Starbucks at a small alleyway in Central and went off first.

On first glance, this Starbucks may seem like a normal one, but upon moving to the back, the decoration is that of a Bing Sutt corner. Bing Sutt refers to coffeehouses of the past where people took breaks and had coffee, tea and iced beverages. This themed Starbucks outlet was built as a collaborative project with the HK brand G.O.D. (Goods of Desire). Pretty cool eh?

Traditional decor.

Got a little hungry after all that shopping...

Enjoying my Christmas beverage.

We walked around for a bit more, went back to the hotel for a short rest and to dump our shopping before we went out for food (again). This time it was back to Tsui Wah where we ordered the same few dishes that we enjoyed with Trent previously (given that my mother hadn't gotten a chance to try them yet).

The spread.

We combed the Sasa outlet nearest to our hotel after the meal. I kinda regret not buying more things from Sasa because I had no idea it was so much cheaper. Note to self - buy lots of hair and makeup when going back there in the future! The turban thing I got is pretty nifty. Not only does it dry my hair real quick, it is also a lot neater than using a towel. I shall end today's entry with more photos of my loots. 

My H&M loot from earlier on in the day. The minaudiere was a real steal because it just hit Singapore's stores, yet it was on sale in HK!

Shop M2, Mezzanine Floor
Baskerville House, 13 Duddell Street, Central
Nearest MTR: Central station

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